She is a superstar, without a doubt the best vocalist of our time!

Angelina Jordan is a Norwegian singer, jazz performer, author of children’s books, and actress. The youngest performer to ever win this competition (with 46% of the vote). Norske talenter received a standing ovation in the first round for the song “Gloomy Sunday” (composed in 1933, famously performed by Billie Holiday). The girl was awarded 500,000 crowns for her victory. “When I sing, I transform into a different person.” “It was like a beautiful dream,” she explained to TV 2 in an interview.

People, Time magazine, The Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, The San Francisco Globe, The Hollywood Reporter, CNN, and O Globo (English) Russian all covered her victory (Brazil). She was compared to Amy Winehouse by critics. Angelina attended a concert honoring the Nobel Peace Prize the same year.

She appeared on the American television show The View in September 2014. She performed the song “Fly Me to the Moon,” written by Bart Howard in 1954, and she gained the most popularity in Frank Sinatra’s performance [10]. Angelina Jordan has also appeared on Norwegian television 2 (“Allsang p Grensen”) and Swedish television 4 (“TV 4”).

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