Simon Cowell’s “singing” garners 7 million views within 24 hours.

America’s Got Talent fans and judges were left stunned by an unprecedented singing act that graced the stage in a recent episode. Daniel Emmet, a former AGT contestant, teamed up with MetaPhysic to introduce a groundbreaking performance during Season 17 of the talent show.

MetaPhysic Synthetic Media, renowned for their hyper-realistic AI content, collaborated with Daniel Emmet for this unique presentation. Daniel, dressed in a button-down shirt reminiscent of Simon Cowell’s signature style, took the stage alongside a giant camera.

As the camera obscured the audience’s view, anticipation mounted for what was to come. Daniel launched into a rendition of the love ballad “You’re the Inspiration,” showcasing his melodious voice in a performance that would soon captivate viewers and judges alike.

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