I wasn’t invited to the wedding because I am a ‘foreigner,’ but when they want to live in my apartment, they say ‘you’re family, after all.

My son got married almost ten years ago, his girlfriend already had a marriage and a stepdaughter. I accepted the girl and her mother. I have always helped the young family, sometimes with money, sometimes by taking care of the children so my son and his wife could rest.

My daughter-in-law and I didn’t get along very well, but we didn’t argue. Her first husband paid child support but didn’t want to communicate with his own daughter.

Last year, my granddaughter got married, but my son and I weren’t invited to the wedding because they said only family members would attend the celebration, and it turned out we weren’t part of it. Even though my son raised a daughter, he took care of her for 10 years. Instead, her own father was present at the wedding and, aside from the money, he wasn’t involved in her life in any way.

This offended me a lot because I always considered the girl my granddaughter and cared for her, but I decided to keep silent. My son also remained silent, even though it was obvious he felt very uncomfortable about the situation.

About a year ago, I inherited a studio apartment. I found tenants, and I receive a small pension supplement. Recently, my daughter-in-law called me and said her daughter was expecting a child but didn’t have money for her own apartment and asked if her granddaughter and husband could move into my rented apartment.

It turned out we weren’t close enough to receive an invitation to the wedding, but when it comes to the apartment, I’m a grandmother.

I haven’t responded to the request yet, but I will probably refuse. It may be silly to dwell on what happened, but I can’t forgive. I wonder how my son could overcome the humiliation and continue to live with his wife.

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