My mother-in-law called me poor, but after the divorce, I had a great plan.

I got married right after graduating from university. Then I found a job in a large company. My husband was making a lot of money, but someone thought that my husband should have by his side a girl who also made a lot of money, and that wasn’t me. It was my mother-in-law, Mrs. Christine. We constantly argued because of my job.

My mother-in-law always imagined her friend’s daughter who worked as an administrator in a beauty salon, next to Thomas, and I was an obstacle in her son’s path to a better life. This went on for two years, then I decided to ask for a divorce. Thomas asked me to stay; he promised that we would move soon, that our lives would change for the better, and that his mother would stop bothering us. But I couldn’t take it anymore. I even started having health problems because of the stress.

What can a woman do when her private life is not going well? Work, work, and work some more! I was absorbed in work. I was working almost 14 hours a day. Of my own will. I didn’t complain. I felt good about it. And suddenly, I realized I could work just as hard for myself and make much more money. This thought started to haunt me.

I quickly quit my job and ventured into real estate. It wasn’t my specialty, but that didn’t stop me from becoming one of the biggest entrepreneurs in my small town. I already had two apartments in town. I sold them and bought my own two-story house with a terrace and land, located 10 km from town. Everyone knew about my successes, even Mrs. Christine. She called me several times asking to meet. Here’s her chance: a daughter-in-law who has a lot of money. I refused in every way possible, but my mother-in-law didn’t give up. One day, she came to my house with two suitcases.

I don’t know how she got my address.

  • What are you doing here? – I asked.


  • Well, dear, I’m moving in with you. I’ll tell you 24/7 how smart, beautiful, and responsible Thomas is.


  • I think you’re mistaken. I won’t let you into my house, you won’t live here, and please, talk about Thomas to others, I know him personally.


  • No, dear, you’re wrong. I’m a free person, I can live wherever I want. You don’t know much about Thomas yet. I thought my mother-in-law was joking. Of course! We’ve been living together for three weeks. I have no idea what she wanted to achieve with this. Three weeks later, Thomas came to see us:


  • Mom, this isn’t right, let’s go home, I’m asking you – he said – you can’t live in someone else’s house.


  • No, I’m not going anywhere. This is your home, Thomas. Or rather, our home! – She said with a smile. – So, when’s the wedding? I have to admit, I still had feelings for Thomas. All this time, I just wanted to prove to my ex-husband that I could earn more than him. In the end, Mrs. Christine managed to do it. Thomas and I went on dates, and then we officially got back together. However, we decided not to get married.

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