Today marks a tragic loss as the Funniest Man in America has passed away.

“Heart problems” befell the comedian, self-proclaimed as “the funniest man in America.”

His family lamented that he had “brought laughter and joy to countless lives” before confirming his passing on May 14. “Today, with heavy hearts, we make the sad announcement that the Funniest Man in America, comedian James Gregory, has died,” they stated.

“He brought smiles and laughter to many, leaving an indelible mark on the comedy world and those who cherished him.”

James, affectionately known as “Uncle Bubba” by his three nieces – Martha Anne, Mary Jane, and Candie – and their families, played a pivotal role in his care during his final days and weeks. Born in 1946 in the kitchen of his parents’ home in Lithonia, Georgia, James began his working life at the tender age of 11 in the family’s grocery store.

Following various roles, including as a postman and a brief stint in the US Marines, James found his calling in comedy at the age of 36. It all began when he bravely signed up for a stand-up show in Atlanta, Georgia, embarking on a new chapter that would define his legacy in the world of comedy.

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