With deep sadness, we share the news of her passing. When you learn her identity, tears may fall.

A tragic twist of fate led to the discovery of the Instagram influencer’s husband’s body a year after her shocking demise.

Where was Alexis Sharkey?

On October 6, 2021, the body of Tom Sharkey, Alexis Sharkey’s husband, was found with a gunshot wound to the head in his daughter’s Fort Myers home.

Tom was reportedly sought in connection with Alexis’s strangulation in 2020, although no charges had been filed against him.

Alexis, who had recently gotten married, disappeared in Texas following an altercation with an unidentified individual believed to be her husband, according to her mother, Stacey Robinault. The last contact Alexis had with her friends was at 6 p.m. on November 27, after which her phone went unanswered.

Stacey recalled, “Thanksgiving was a busy day for both of us, so it was just a quick ‘Love you’ kind of thing. Then Friday… well, Friday got away. We never talked, and then she went missing Friday night and I have not seen her or heard from her since.”

Foul play was suspected by her mother before her body was discovered. An autopsy revealed that she had been strangled to death.

Subsequently, the police revealed that Tom had been uncooperative with investigators and that he and Alexis had a history of domestic violence.

Rumors suggesting Alexis’s involvement in a pyramid scheme were debunked, and her friends confirmed that she had expressed intentions to end her relationship with her boyfriend months before her disappearance.

The couple was nearing their first wedding anniversary in December 2020.

True Crime: The Story of Her Death is a series airing on ITV, while Murder Gone Viral on TikTok delves into the life behind the social media personality.

The influencer was last seen on Black Friday, November 27, 2020, and notably did not take her car with her before vanishing.

Her body was discovered naked on the roadside, showing no obvious signs of injury, and it’s believed she had remained there overnight.

In the aftermath of the discovery, Tom, Alexis’s husband, praised her as “the most amazing woman” in a social media post featuring pictures of her in her wedding dress.

He wrote, “Never seen or felt such beauty! You make my world go round! You changed my life so much! Makes sense of my life! My reason! And taught me how to really love!”

Tom prevented her mother from seeing Alexis’ body for two weeks after her death, according to her mother.

Reports surfaced indicating that Alexis had confided in friends about Tom’s abuse while on a trip in early November.

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